Creating Effective Communication

November 21, 2018 | Bre Bakan

Since my grandma recently learned that you can “google” things and come up with just about any piece of information your heart could desire (did you know all the swans in England belong to the queen?). I’m pretty certain that everyone is officially all caught up on technology.


In this technological age, information is constantly at our fingertips, and communicating is easier than ever. Simple tasks such as conversing, placing orders, setting up meetings, and making requests can all be done from your smartphone. This extremely convenient in our fast-paced, excessively busy lives. Don’t have time to walk the dog? There’s an app for that!


Increased communication helps build and maintain relationships, encourages an effective team environment, eliminates ambiguity, and ultimately assists in the success of many personal and business goals. By communicating with each other, we are able to move forward in all aspects and obtain success.


Arguably the most important part of communication is our ability to learn from one another. We can share ideas, draw inspiration, collaborate, and grow our understanding. Easy communication gives us an avenue through which we can spread our knowledge to one another. From this, we can create new things, refine current products, and help one another.


Unfortunately for us today, the classroom and workplace don’t focus on teaching communication. In school we learn how to write and speak, but struggle to properly express our thoughts and ideas. When we enter the workforce, we follow the examples set by our coworkers and adopt their norms. Communication breaks down, and innovation comes to a halt.


So how does all this apply to the restoration industry? We’re glad you asked.


The restoration industry has been around for centuries. As long as people and businesses have suffered damages and losses to their property, there has been a need for mitigation and repairs. Unfortunately for this industry, not much has changed in the way of communication since it started. There have been some attempts to simplify it that have only made it more confusing.


When you suffer a loss to your property, it can be extremely stressful. Along with the visible damage and potential loss of business, facilitating all of the necessary communication can be unbearable.


This is where Phoenix seeks to create change. We believe it is important to construct a culture where effective communication can flourish. We favor change and innovation over settling for the status quo.


We recognize that all levels of this industry communicate differently– that’s why we’ve created a communication platform where each level is customized to fit the needs of the user. This creates a unique channel where needs can be communicated, jobs can be assigned, and progress can be tracked.


What value does this create for all parties involved?

Improved quality of work, efficiency, accountability, and peace of mind. Above all else, this creates the opportunity to learn from one another. The only way we can grow and innovate is by continuing to build the bridge of communication.


Effective communication is clearly one of the most important aspects of our daily lives. It keeps us informed, it helps us be productive, and it increases our knowledge base. For this to work though, it falls on us. We have to take control and make the first steps to improving our communication channels and thus our lives and organizations.


So how are you going to start communicating more effectively?