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DispatchIQ: designed for individuals like you who need enhanced connectivity. Built and designed by our team at Phoenix, DispatchIQ focuses on instant communication between your team and your clients.

DispatchIQ has the ability to notify your team or clients via call, text message, email or all of the above. Simple to use, even simpler to activate. DispatchIQ helps bring customer satisfaction back into your hands when you (and your clients) need it most.

Keep Your Customers Informed.

Transparency reinvented.

Give your clients confidence in your techs. Let them know where, when, why and who with a simple text.  Clients need open, honest communication. Communicate with the means they feel comfortable with.

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Never miss an alert again. Send technician information, satisfaction surveys, arrival times and much more through a simple text message!

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Empower your clients with proper tools. Allow them to communicate directly with technicians about arrival times, potential issues, or general inquiry.

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Ping the next task in your workflow when your customer is ready. A simple “yes” springs your technicians into action.

Work Smarter For Your Team.

Make your technology work harder for you.

With DispatchIQ, you can easily have automation set up with your company’s preferred system. Send a job? DispatchIQ sends a text. Accept a job? DispatchIQ sends the word out – keeping you and your employees up-to-date at all times through the job process. Alerts have never been so easy.

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No more worrying about compatibility of software. DispatchIQ works with what you already have – giving your team the tools to master the job. Everytime.

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Eliminate the stress of missing details by sending your team the correct, necessary info! Your team can refer to it promptly and when needed! 

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DispatchIQ allows your employees to feel empowered about their work while in the field. Increase employee satisfaction with just the click of a button!

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