Phoenix Takes Flight


Phoenix Takes Flight Across The Country

Tech Startup Is Helping Restore The Restoration & Insurance Industry

CANTON, OHIO, JANUARY 2, 2019 – Phoenix Enterprise Solutions, LLC (Phoenix) and DKI Ventures, LLC (DKI) are proud to announce a national partnership. DKI, the largest network of leading property damage restoration contractors across North America, is adopting Phoenix’s cutting-edge, restoration and insurance platform to utilize throughout its member franchise network and customer base.

After assisting with Hurricane Harvey cleanup, Ray Bertka, CEO and Co-Founder of Phoenix, was motivated to better mitigate workflow and communication in chaotic catastrophes. Paired with managing partner, Chris Cutter, Phoenix brings a highly-customizable, automated, Software as a Service (SaaS) technology to market which integrates into an industry that impacts millions every year.

“A phoenix is defined as uniquely remarkable, rising from the ashes to live transformed. We are a group of zany, like-minded individuals looking to accomplish the same goal; getting lives back to normal as soon as possible,” said Bertka.

Phoenix Enterprise Solutions, LLC is a ground-breaking technology company nested in Canton, Ohio’s Innovation District. A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Phoenix is instrumental in launching the restoration and insurance industry into the 21st Century. With an eye on the future and an ear towards the past, Phoenix continually pushes the envelope on previously antiquated processes. Phoenix started as a small venture in 2017 and within the past year, has grown to an odyssey.


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