Construction, Reconstructed.

Technology is advancing so fast we almost can’t keep up. Our homes, vehicles, and work lives are constantly becoming more automated, and with this more efficient (for example, check out the “baby mop”). The construction industry may not be thought of as being highly techy, but it hasn’t escaped the technological wave. We think a new software can solve a lot of problems in many industries. We’re a little biased because we actually developed a job management software currently being used in the restoration industry now.

Why Improve Your Technology?

Oh, let us tell you.

Maybe you never thought software could bring you a competitive edge, or help you deliver projects on time.

But the truth is – a new software can help with just about all workflow woes.

Improve Collaboration and Communication

Communication should never be an issue. That’s why we integrated DispatchIQ into our Phoenix system, creating seamless communication for problem-solving. Learn more about DispatchIQ here. 

Deliver Complex Projects On Time

With only 15% of complex construction projects getting done on time, customer satisfaction can sometimes be hard to achieve. With a platform like Phoenix, we keep your project on track and moving forward.

Invigorate Your Industry

Phoenix is a revolutionary response to antiquated systems. We pride ourselves on offering first-rate solutions to bring a spark to everyday tasks.

Plan. Exceptionally.

Technology (ahem, Phoenix) maps out every step of the process and alerts you as tasks are completed. Freeing you up to focus on whats more important. No more stagnant productivity here. Know what’s happening, when and how to move forward. Technology is changing the landscape. Are you in? 

Interested in reading more? We’ve compiled a whole list of reasons

why technology is a great addition to your company’s workflow.

Read up, educate yourself and see the impact a great software can make for you.