March 1, 2019 | Rachel Evans

When considering the needs of businesses involved in the restoration industry, you may think of concrete things– perhaps more humidifiers or cleaning supplies. After all, a lot of the work restoration businesses are doing is very physical. Cleaning up after a fire, remedying water damage, and preventing mold growth require actual tools to get the job done.


A new software may not be something that jumps to mind in terms of what these companies need. Despite this, technology is providing revolutionary solutions to problems that many people didn’t realize existed.


One of the main issues faced by this industry is a lack of communication. When there’s a franchise, franchisees, and a customer all trying to resolve the same issue, communication can get a little muddled. This problem can slow down the entire process of restoration. All components are trying to solve the same issue, so why don’t they have a way to work together seamlessly? This is where the solution of software comes into play.


At Phoenix, we have developed a customizable platform that allows effortless integration of all parties in one place. This means that everyone can communicate and share information with ease. Our platform is desktop and mobile-friendly, making it perfect for those always on the go and easy to access on the job site. It is also tailored to fit whatever party is using it, ensuring everyone has the necessary components they need and nothing they don’t.


So what does this mean for everyone? This new and improved avenue of communication between all parties means that both quality and speed of work improve. Jobs can be assigned, work can be documented, and necessary feedback understood all with speed and ease through our platform.