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3 Communication Habits of Highly Successful Companies

July 10, 2019 | Rachel Evans

Forget to let the waiter at that Thai restaurant know about your severe peanut allergy? Or maybe you texted your friend who just got out of surgery “Lol” because you thought it meant “lots of love”? The way we communicate is essential to the way we live, and even more so to how we work. 


While it is true that effective communication is a modern essential, we don’t think that means that it has to be stressful! With time and practice, communication can always improve. Better yet, you can improve your communication by merely changing the methods with which you communicate. Below are a few tips that you need to be implementing in your company ASAP!


Here are our Top 3 Suggestions for improving your workplace Communication 



Every day we create about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Not sure how much that is? If that data were related to something like pennies, it would be enough to cover the entire surface of the earth when laid out about five times. So a lot of data.  With all this information being created daily, we have to be even more concise than ever. Often, this can and will be helpful to you and your work on the field. However, having too much data on hand can make your job both more confusing and time-consuming. 


This is why Phoenix’s software implements a tool called a PHX Meeting Room. Our meeting room allows you to collaborate instantly with both your internal team members or your customers.  You can even choose your method of communication, so whether you want a face-to-face conversation via video conferencing or just an old fashion phone call, we’ve got you covered.  Not to mention that these links are conveniently located throughout the system in the form of easy-to-access meeting links; available to everyone in the job, whenever you want or need them!



Like we mentioned earlier, information today is coming at us at a constant stream. While this can sometimes be overwhelming, this data flow can also be very advantageous (but only if it is appropriately utilized!). We are now living in a world where information is coming to us quickly and from every direction. To make matters worse, if we aren’t constantly bombarded with information, we feel out of the loop. 


Phoenix understands the nature of this change; so it only makes sense to shift toward something that makes your work more comfortable and efficient. In response, we created Phoenix Mobile– an easy and accessible version of our Job Management Platform for you when you need it. Without sacrificing any required functionality. 



We all know that a worksite can be one of the more chaotic environments to be involved in; you have people all over the place, each with their own goals and tasks that they set out to complete. This can, unfortunately, but understandably, means that tunnel-vision is all too common which leads your team to become so involved in their tasks that they miss the fact that there are still more things to do!


Organization challenges are one of the pains that Phoenix strives to solve. The platform offers an Audit Requirement function that lists out every aspect of the job that needs completing while simultaneously comparing it to all the work that is currently done. It also lists all objectives required for work to be completed and allows you to effectively record the progress toward the completion of the tasks required of you. And all of this is done through a simple color-coded system!



Many people in the modern workforce (especially in the technology age!) tend to struggle with some form of communication. However, with the tools and skills outlined above, you may be able to change this common issue and transform it into one of your greatest strengths.  Just imagine the positive effects proper and efficient communication could have on your job and your workplace; so much of the modern strain caused by too much commotion could be gone like *that*.


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